This blog and Google map linked below address a recent state legislation employing “…a special committee…for the purpose of conducting an investigation and study to…designate 1,000 great places in the Commonwealth” (House 5181, 2008).  According to the legislation’s chief sponsor, Rep. Erik Turkington of Falmouth, “…it would be useful for these attractions to have the seal of approval to be designated as a great place in Massachusetts…It’s sort of the equivalent of a UNESCO World Heritage site, in a much more modest way” (Boston Globe, Matt Viser, Jan 4 2009).  However there has been no mention, in legislation or journalism, of the parameters the committee will use in making their determinations, nor of any concrete ramifications of designation.

In conjunction with an interactive art installation at a community art center in 2010, this blog and map provide Massachusetts citizens an opportunity to compile their own list of great places in the Commonwealth with an open-ended publicly determined set of parameters.  Great places are organized by category.  You may add new examples of great places to existing categories and/or add new categories of great places.  In order to add content you will require a login password.  Please follow the instructions below to proceed.  Thank you for participating and enjoy the Bay State!